How will I know what my child’s assignments are each day?

All assignments with necessary instructions, videos, links, forms, and materials will be uploaded under daily titles into your child’s Google Classroom account. This kindergarten website will be updated weekly with an overview of the what we are learning for the week as well. 


How do I access my child’s Google Classroom account?

If you are not sure how to access your child’s Google Classroom account please click THIS quick tutorial (TUTORIAL COMING SOON!) Your child’s Google login information can be found on their Class Links page in their kindergarten folder. Contact your teacher if you can not find it. 


How does my child turn in assignments?

All assignments will be turned in DAILY on SeeSaw by no later than 3:00pm. No paper work will be collected at any time. Please follow the directions listed in the assignment description on Google Classroom. 


How will my child receive feedback on his/her assignments?

Your child’s teacher will be able to comment on your child’s assignments that are turned in on SeeSaw. Your teacher will also be able to give verbal feedback in small groups and during one on one check-ins. 

How do I turn in assignments on SeeSaw?

Click HERE to watch a tutorial on how to login and turn in assignments on SeeSaw. Links and instructions for how to log in will also be uploaded into Google Classroom. 

How do I login into our daily Zoom Meeting?

Our Zoom Class link is always at the very top of our Google Classroom Classwork tab. 

How do I know what time to login to Zoom?

Our whole class Zoom time is always 8:00 every morning, Monday-Friday. Every Friday we will also end our week together with whole class "Fun Friday" activities and show and and tell from 12:00-12:30. Each student will additionally have small group lessons on Zoom for reading, writing and math. Zoom times are subject to change depending on student levels and progression. Your child's teacher will email out each small group time on ParentSquare before the week begins. Student groups and times will also be posted in your Google Classroom Stream.

What if my child can’t make the Zoom group?

Attendance will be taken in each mandatory Zoom group.  Students are expected to be present for ALL live instruction or they will be marked absent.​

My child is struggling to complete their work, what can I do to help motivate them?

Be patient. Be patient with your child, yourself, and your child's teacher. We were ALL thrown into this unique situation,  we are in this together, and above all else, we ALL want to see your child thrive. Feel free to check out THIS CHECKLIST as a great resource for different strategies to try at home.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues (a site won't load, a mic or camera aren't working, etc.)?

Please send any technical questions to  techsupport@ilcsweb.com. 

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