This Week's Announcements:

We will continue taking Math Fluency Tests on Addition and Subtraction facts. Our Common Core Standard is that by the end of kindergarten, students will fluently (meaning without fingers or manipulatives) be able to add and subtract within five. Students will have the opportunity to practice these facts and take weekly tests, going up in levels as they progress. Our levels are: +0, One More, One Less, Facts within 5, Facts within 10, Doubles, Missing Addends, then Double Digit Addition. Please remember that we would like all students to master the standard of adding and subtracting within FIVE by the end of the year. Our hope is that each week, we will accomplish a little bit more on these tests. Please reinforce and practice these skills at home. Thank you for your support!

Dates to Remember:  

Thursday, January 28: 100th DAY OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION (more info coming soon)

Monday, February 8: NO SCHOOL 

Thursday, February 11: Valentine's Day Centers (more info coming soon)

Monday, February 15: NO SCHOOL 

Daily Health Screening:

Please remember to fill out the daily health screening in ParentSquare.

Online Class Work:

Please remember that even though we are in school for two and a half hours, the state expectation is that students are completing independent work at home for the time they are not in school. Our kindergarten independent at-home learning can be found at the top of our Google Classroom. This includes Smarty Ants, Dreambox, independent reading, Daily Math, and the QR code packets. We have noticed that several students are not completing time on Smarty Ants, on Dreambox, and not completing assignments on Seesaw each Friday. We, as a school, need to be able to prove that they are completing assignments on their work time at home. Thank you for your help in this. 

Distance Learning Fridays:

We only have one Zoom session on Fridays at 8:00 am. The rest of the day should be spent completing their assigned schoolwork in Google Classroom and Seesaw. 

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